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I met Laurie Waller when she was out hiking, in the middle of nowhere, with her husband and their two (now it's 3) golden retrievers. What serendipity!  Both she and her husband Richard are avid trail (horse and people) makers/markers/maintenance worker-bees. We have all become great friends; hiking, riding, camping. But the huge plus....she is a masseuse! Supreme! She continues to surprise me with her talents, be it impromptu at the barn, or the full-formal in her lovely studio. Laurie has magical knowledge: right to the spot (how did she know?), work, release...I especially liked the at-my-own-home head, neck, and shoulders, then oil-the-hands-and-feet treatment. I was transported: all of my problems were resolved, and life was good once again! Laurie really makes me wonder: is it intuition or education? She has plenty of both.


Ellie Livingston 

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